Improving Students' Vocabularies using Alphabets Box Media

Proposal penelitian kuantitatif peningkatan kosa kata siswa dengan media kotak alfabet (Alphabet box media). Proposal ini disajikan dengan bahasa Inggris sehingga bisa digunakan untuk referensi mahasiswa pendidikan dan bahasa dan sastra Inggris.
Improving Students' Vocabularies using Alphabets Box Media


A. Title of the research

The title of the research is “ Improving Student Vocabulary Using Alphabets Box Media ( A case study of fourth grade student  SD N 3 .........., Purwokerto Utara, Banyumas school year 2011/2012)”

B. Background of the Research

English language competence is an absolute requirement in communication era and globalization today, it to communicate both in written and orally. English language learning in elementary degree become main lesson as a part of student improvement of knowledge, technology, culture and art as an expectation to them. There are some features of understanding of English language in elementary degrees, such as reading, writing, vocabulary and speaking, One of feature is how to understand English vocabulary.

Vocabulary is compilation of word that person know or use of certain language. Personal vocabulary is compilation of all words which is known by himself or words that will be used to arrange new sentences. Understanding of vocabulary commonly consider as important part of language learning process  or developing of personal competence in mastering language, students often teach new words as a part of lesson, to understanding vocabulary is main issue that mastered by students in learning English language that as foreign language  of students and society commonly. How a student express a certain language if he don’t understand of vocabularies of that language moreover that is foreign language, so to master vocabulary is absolute requirement of  learning language.

The researchers using word box media to improve student’s vocabulary, at elementary school SD Negeri 3 ............, Purwokerto Utara to fourth grade, because vocabulary improvement necessary by student, it is main issue of students  problem to learning English lesson, most of them still learn words to understand written and oral English language. This method have some strengthen like simple, easy to do and don’t spent much  time to teach. On this method invite student to arrange of the new words that can be produced by their self. The purpose of this research are to help student vocabulary  and still involve student with using this method, based on that issue the researcher are going done this research by class room action research with title “ improving students vocabulary using alphabet box media in English lesson for fourth grade SD Negeri 3 ..........., Purwokerto Utara, Banyumas.

C. Research Questions

Base on back ground above, researcher arrange two research questions as a main issue to solve in classroom action research using word wall media:
  1. How is the implementation to improve student’s vocabulary using this method?
  2. How is the effectiveness of using this method?

D. Purpose of the Research

General purpose of this research is to describe using alphabet box media to improve student’s vocabulary of fourth grade in SD Negeri 3 .............., Purwokerto Utara.
And more specific purposes of this research are:
  1. Implementation one of technique and media which is effective in learning English vocabulary that easy to remember by students.
  2. Improving one of strategy learning and learning model which effective, efficient and fun.
  3. Student involve actively in produce, convey their ideas, argument, creativity simply in understanding English vocabulary.
  4. To share experiences among teacher about teaching vocabulary and to solve each weakness in using this media.

E. Significant of the Research

There are some significant of this research for all stakeholders that involve in the research:

1. Researcher

  1. Developing learning model which effective, efficient, and fun which involving students actively in English learning process to improve student vocabulary.
  2. Improving and help repair process of learning and teaching.
  3. To support arrange research proposal to obtain assessment of lecture in Class Room Action Research lesson.

2. Students

  1. Improving student ability in understanding vocabulary and a stage to create simple task arrangement of alphabet box media.
  2. Improving happiness and motivation in learning process.
  3. Improving student confidence in understanding vocabulary.
  4. Improving student vocabulary competence and English language achievement.

3. School

  1. This method will help to English teaching learning especially improving vocabulary in SD Negeri 3 ............, Purwokerto Utara, Banyumas.


The concern of this research is to improve student vocabulary of elementary school, therefore this chapter present the theoretical foundation to build research method which will imply.

A. Definition of English learning

English learning is interaction process between teacher and students in understanding, attitude, knowledge, information, ability and skill experience. It is two directions communication between teacher and students. In education teacher teach students to be able learn and master of content of lesson up to acquire a certain object that determined (cognitive aspect), it involve the student behavior changing (effective aspect), and skilled (psychomotor aspect) of students. In teaching refer to job of teacher but in learning involve both teacher and students. The development and mind of children are because of involvement of goods and environment (Piaget, 1963).

The effectiveness of learning seen of process of student study, a person is known undertake learning process if happened a changing in their attitude from don’t understand become understood, from can’t able became able do something. Therefore the program of learning designed before use to control and develop student competence.

B. Vocabulary

Vocabulary is all of word that available in certain language, the compilation words of speaker or writer, that use for in knowledge field, a mount of number which create a language (Hornby, 2005). List of vocabulary arrange in dictionary is compilation of words that known by someone or part of certain language.  Personal vocabulary is compilation of all words that understand by his or her self or all of words that may use by his or herself to arrange new sentences, amount of vocabulary despite of degree of personal intelligentsia.

Based on Webster’s Ninth college dictionary explain state list or compilation that arranged alphabet and explained that use for personal and commonly, and some definition of vocabulary below:
  • A list or words compilation and  phrase that arrange goodly and it explained.
  • Amount words that available in certain language in knowledge field.
  • A list or compilation of technical term or code that will be use.

C. Definition of Playing

Playing is one of activities without force aspect, give happiness to children, hope and freedom and skilled to children therefore they expressed their self in playing as a device to learn in developing their self to acquire skilled and competence (Hurlock, 1978). Playing is used to developing children creativities to understand sciences concept. Because children are part of society, the learning of children involve social context (Vygotsky, 1962 in) and playing are part of society context. And social interaction of children learn have to helped by adult (Kasihan K.E Suyanto, 2007). Playing has some meaning below:
  • Children acquire chance to develop their competences.
  • Children will know their self, strangeness and weakness, ability, and skilled.
  • Give chance to through developing, involve physic, intellectual, language and attitude.
  • Children usually practice of five senses goodly.
  • To motivate children to learn deeply.

D. Definition of alphabets box media

Alphabet Box media, alphabet is amount of letter which used when writing or arranged in order (Hornby, 2005).  Box is a media or container used for holding solid thing (Hornby, 2005), therefore alphabet box is a compilation of alphabets that available or holding in box, it each boxes consist amount of alphabets from A- Z (prior research Firman parlindungan) which create or write in a small piece of paper. Learning media is media that contain messages or information that has purpose instructional and purpose of learning (Gagne and Briggs, 1975) the media appear physically such as, picture, book, television and another. Alphabet box will be used as a media to learn and improve student vocabulary, the implementation of this method in games learning.

The usage of alphabet box media are, the researcher create a box, size of the box are approximate 30 cm X 50 cm. the amount of the box just one. Researcher create some small piece of paper which used to write alphabet, the amount of alphabet just 78 from A-Z. The pieces of alphabets put in a box that created before. Student offered to take a five of piece alphabet. And then of the alphabet which took student create and write the vocabularies based on alphabet as the first letters. The material from the theme that learned of handout material and topic will discuss in the class. The researcher give assessment of student work involve the vocabulary which have to related with the topic, written of alphabet and understanding or description of each vocabulary.

E. Procedure of alphabet box media

The effectiveness of using alphabet box media seen of the produce implementation that will explain below:
  • Before this method imply, the student studied of  handout material which acquire of their teachers, because the material that imply based on student knowledge. For the example student learned about transportation, family three, animal, etc.
  • Student grouping in group consist 3 person and then, therefore each group consist of two student, it assume that to help each other if one of them don’t know of vocabulary
  • Students are given chance to remember vocabulary which learned in the class.
  • One of student take 5 pieces alphabets in the box.
  • Student find and write the vocabulary which related the topic that is discussing, the alphabets as the first letter of vocabulary.
  • Students explain or describe of the vocabularies that collected.
  • Teacher allow student to ask if they face the difficulties.
  • The result work of student vocabulary reviewed by teacher.


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