Untold Javanese Toy "Dok Konang-Kaning"

I don’t know exactly how to spell “dok konang-kaning”. I only spell this kinds of playing in “Ngoko” Javanese language. Dok Konang-Kaning is one kind of javanese toy which involve chicken as subject. It is so unique because it is involve chicken. Actually this playing is so simple and everyone can play it, but I can’t this playing today (Mei 2015) because I’m not find children play it around my house, Boyolali.

I do still remember how to play this playing, because used to I often played it with my friend or brother together. I played approximately in 1998s when I was on Elementary school. Then, a few day I ago suddenly I remember because I saw some bean of my parent harvest, because bean used to usually use as main properties of dok konang-kaning playing.

I’m sure that you are so curios toward his playing. Let make the main toy (dok konang-kaning toy)

How to make the toy

1. Prepare a number of properties such as : corn/bean, leaves, sticks (palm leaf rib).
2. Let's create. Take a leaf to make a cone, you may all kind of leaf as long as it is strong enough and not to big and too small, because we will use it to cover chicken head in order the chicken can't see around or make it blind. Then, use stick to lock the cone.
3. Use stick to place some of corn or bean
4. Place to the stick in the middle of cone.
5. Now you already have a dok konang kaning toys

How to play dok konang kaning

We are ready to play.  Let's learn how to play
  1. Now you have to find out chicken. It is better to find not only one chicken but a number of chicken
  2. Place your dok konang-kaning toy among chickens. 
  3. To invite them nearby, you may feed the chicken first nearly your dok konang-kaning
  4. Now. wait the chicken eat your toys. You will see how the chickens confusing to walk when eat your toys. Usually I sing a short song repeatly as a backsound of the playing such as “E a e e E a e” as many as you can. It sounded lively when the chicken confusing to talk because chicken can’t see land.
Sometimes it is difficult to invite chicken do eat our dok konang-kaning toy. Try to feed and place your toy properly until chicken eat it.

I have uploaded 3 video about dok konang-kaning playing let check the link below.
However the video are so short, at lest I can show you how the beautiful this playing. I love this playing, because it is so unique and originally from our culture Java.  

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