Farmer: Javanese Occupation

Most of Javanese in my hometown occupation is farmer. However there are others occupation like, employees in a factory, teacher, private service, and so on, approximately 90 percent of them are farmer. They farm some kind of native plan like rice, corn, bean, and vegetables. Majority of is rice. and the other will be planed after rice harvest and especially only on summer and less of irrigation. On fertile land will be planed rice 3 time a year. Each harvest need at least 3 month since prepare seeds, water, and harvest.

Farmer and their job

Usually not only farming, some of them have other job or on private sectors. it is part time job while they are waiting the rice harvest. So they waste their time. Not only having secondary job, the real farmer usually have cow, goat, chicken, or duck. The breed animals is used to produce manures especially from cow and goat. Therefore, they have to “Ngarit” (looking for grass) to feed them.

The majority kinds of grass is “Kolonjono” in bahasa Rumput Gajah” which is planed on bund (dike between rice fields). Beside, The farmer also feed dried rice stalks which collected after rice harvest or ask the other farmer who harvested first.

In asking straw, the farmer who has no farmer because they not yet harvest, he will help the other farmer first such as bring straw (still contain rice) near  rice hulling machine. The hulling machine that is used is half-modern, because it combine traditional hulling and modern technology (diesel).

Farmer and Future

The above short article describe about Javanese occupation which still available today (Mei 2015). You can still found it how the care the rice, I’m sure that not only in my hometown Boyolali, Central Java, but also other Javanese province. In others hand, most of young generation especially they who were born since 1980s have stayed away farming sectors. The prefer work in the city or factory. I’m fear that in some decade later no one people who work as a farmer again. Finally, imagine what happen later.

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