Writing test questions


Writing Test
A.     Task in [hand] Writing letters, Words and Punctuation (Beginner Level)
a.       Copy the following words in the space given
1.      sit        __________
2.      sat       __________   
3.      sad      __________                                       
b.      Fill in the blank with words
1.   07:00   _______________
2.   2/3       _______________

B.     Spelling Tasks and Detecting Phoneme-Grapheme Correspondence (Intermediate Level)
a.       Choose the word with the correct spelling to fit sentence, then the word in the space provided.
1.      He writes a letter with a _________
a.       Pen
b.      Pan
c.       Pet
d.      Per
2.      Students go to school by
a.       Bus
b.      Bas
c.       Bag
d.      Bat
b.      In each of the following words, a letter or combination of letters has been written in a phonetic symbol. Write the word using the regular alphabet.
1.      ‘sa:vi    ____________
2.      si:         ____________
3.      bi:c      ____________

C.     Ordering Task (Advance Level)
a.       Put the words below into correct order to make a sentence:
1. among/ pen/ books/ is/ the                     ______________________________________
2. writes/ she / letters/ mother/ her/ for     ______________________________________
3. parking lot/ in/ he / his/ parks/ car         ______________________________________
4. rises/ the / morning/ sun /everyday/ in   ______________________________________
5. cooking/ mother / kitchen/ my/ is/ in      ______________________________________

Grammar Test
A.    Multiple-Choice grammar items: item types (Intermediate Level)
a.       Chose the right answer below
1.      She …………… a story in the class yesterday
a.       Tell                                    c. told
b.      Tells                       d. have told
2.      The stones …………….. in the river
a.       Is                           c. was
b.      Are                                    d. were
3.      Flowers are………….. by her everyday
a.       Water                    c. watered      
b.      Waters                   d. watering
4.      The teacher and student ………  invited to the seminar
a.       Is                           c.  was
b.      Are                                    d. were
5.      He ……………… come to the party
a.       Don’t                     c. doesn’t
b.      Didn’t                   d. hadn’t
B.     Constructing error recognition (Intermediate Level)
a.       Select the underline words or phrase which in incorrect or unacceptable.
1.      He don’t believe of his friend information yesterday
       A         B                  C                              D
2.      What does students do in the class at 08.00 p.m. this morning
A                   B                   C                              D
3.      Someone was calling you when you slept
    A          B                        C              D
4.      She can have committed this crime. She wasn't even in the city that night.
        A     B                                                C                                      D
5.      That bus is usually on time. It had to be here any time now
   A                                B     C                             D
C.     Constructing Completion items (Advance Level)
a.       Write the correct word in each blank
1.      Budi ate dinner with__________________
2.      It's way past my bedtime and I'm really tired. I ________ go to bed.
3.      That ice is dangerously thin now. You ________ go ice-skating today.
4.      There are three colors in the U.S. flag. One of the colors is red. _______________colors are white and blue.
5.      Many parts of the world______four seasons

Vocabulary Test
A.    Multiple choice items (Intermediate Level)
a.       Select the synonym or definition of word below
1.    Give
a.    Provide                                                c. make
b.    Create                                                  d. take
2.   Invite
a. command                                              c. request
b. receive                                                  d. bid
3.  He couldn’t determine which bag that will be bought
a. chose                                                    c. decide
b. find                                                      d. make
4. Build
a. make by combining materials and parts           c. construct a design which better
b. create a particular company                             d. bring a big build
5. Important
a.  coming form abroad                                        c. of great significance or value
b. in middle position                                            d. among many consideration
B. Matching Items (Intermediate Level)
a. Choose the one which most suitable for each blank
he (1)……. letter for his mom who (2)……….. a far from in America every month, he sends letter (3)………… pos and he have to pay Rp. 10.000, he miss his mother so much, (4)…………. he wish I would be there if he (5)…………… much money.
C.More objective item (Advance Level)
a. Write in each space the best word to replace the words underline in each sentence
1. He went to at once ____________________
2. The water__________from higher place to lower place.
3. ___________do you like your coffee?
4. My brother ______________ a bear an hour ago.
5. ________are we going for a camping again

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