Short story writing 4

School uniform
Indonesian students who study in elementary school to senior high school have to wear uniform. They go to school on Monday to Saturday with same uniform. What do you think about it. Will it pressure them or not. They couldn’t express their fashion and obey whole of school rules. Uniform is rules that established by Indonesia government to manage whole of student.
The reason of the rules is, to build equality and to minimize social class among students. Therefore  they will not consider who is the higher one the lower one. The educational minister add, uniform can arise the students learning motivation, it means that wear a uniform is a obligation t and show who they are.
Uniform have a lot of purpose are not for student physically but also to build psychologically   . The government have implied the rule since 1965 for whole of Indonesian student ranging elementary students to senior high school.   

How to be young on top
Recently there are a lot of young generation who famous in the mass media. They have appeared from different background. Now day Indonesian television held singing completion such as X Factor Indonesia, Indonesia Idol, Voice of Indonesia etc. Trough these program, a mount new singer show their talent. In few week of their performance they have a lot of fans and be a new Indonesia Actress.
You could see Fatin, one of X Factor singer. She is 16 year old girls and still in senior high school.  Now she is famous Actress after she register and sing Bruno Mars’ song in the competition. Do you know how many her Twiter follower? It are more than 56 million Indonesian follower. It is amazing.
It is possible to be young on the top. There are opportunities that can promote us to be famous one in mass media. The young generation could show their talent to be actress and so on.

Cause effect
Indonesian Hunger
Five year ago in Nusa Tenggara Island there was hunger. 150 people died after 8 month they didn’t eat notorious foods. They are 135 children and 15 victims are adult. In 2008 the amount of victims decreased 60 percent. The victims are from Nusa Tenggara rural area such as in Deli, Nusa, Aben and Eastern of the islands.
The Hunger caused al lot of Indonesian sent a lot of helping such as money, foods, volunteer and the others which was promoted by government. The government wished that the helping could alleviate and free of Nusa Tenggara Hunger.

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