Table Manner in Horison Hotel Purwokerto


The hotel is one of a line of business engaged in the lodging, food and beverage providers, and other service facilities where all service was intended for the general public, both those who stay at the hotel or those who only use certain facilities owned Hotel

Horison Hotel Purwokerto is one of the ultimate four-star hotel located in the city center of Purwokerto. The hotel offers 120 modern luxurious rooms (superior, deluxe, horizon club, junior suites, executive suites, and cottages). The hotel is designed with an atmosphere of comfort and elegance that aims to make the occupants feel comfortable.

One of the services offered by this hotel is on the table manner course, the training given to people who want to use this service in order to understand the procedures and attitudes in a banquet dinner at the hotel. So that people who have this training, will increase knowledge and use in a banquet dinner at the hotel.


A. Hotel

Hotel comes from the word hostel, which is taken from an ancient French language, and there are already at the end of the 17th century. At first the hotel is a shelter for migrants, and is the buildings that provide for lodgings and meals for the public. So at first the hotel was created to serve the public. Today, the hotel is a form of building, company 'or entities that provide accommodation services lodging, food and beverage providers, and other service facilities where all service was intended for the general public, both those who stay at the hotel or those who only use certain facilities owned hotel.

B. Horison Hotel Purwokerto

Horison Hotel Purwokerto is a four star hotel located in the first ultima city center in Purwokerto. The hotel offers 120 modern luxurious rooms (superior, deluxe, horizon club, junior suites, executive suites, and cottages). The hotel is designed with an atmosphere of comfort and elegance.

Horison Hotel Purwokerto is considered as the perfect place for the accommodation of tourists. Modern art can be found in every hotel room. All the rooms are large and able to bring comfort and pleasure to our guests.

We also offer exclusive amenities such as coffee shops, Malabar coffee shop, swimming pool, pool side bar, meeting rooms and a ballroom. We are committed to bringing a good service and provide luxurious accommodation at cost-effective.

1. Main Facility
Horison Hotel Purwokerto offers the best in downtown with the concept of the resort city. Our hotel is equipped with the best facilities in the town of Purwokerto. In a city that has a cool tropical air and a large swimming pool, coffee shop, Malabar coffee shop, swimming pool, pool side bar. Around him there are spa, fitness center offering massage sauna. Hotel guests are pampered with catering facilities.

2. Meeting Facilities
By creating conferences and meetings with superb surroundings. With good communication facilities, secretariat services, meeting good and satisfactory service. Hotel Horison provide the same service with ballroom with a capacity of 1000 people, including a pre-function area.

3. Business Center
Horison Hotel Business Centre Purwokerto have facilities that provide secretariat services and complete communication. The facility includes office equipment, work space, printer and computer access.

C. Table Manner

1. Definitively Table Manner
Table Manner is manners, attitude, and courtesy in our banquet. Here is an explanation of the steps we have to consider when accepting invitations to eat Confirming the party invite. Usually there is an inscription in the invitation RSVP (S'il Vous Plait Respondez) which means "please reply soon".
  • Handshake host, in front of the entrance room. Introduce your partner if necessary, and mingle with other laws. 
  • Prior to the meal, there is usually a cocktail party where snacks and beverages served. Have drinks available and do not ask for a drink that does not exist. 
  • Avoid talking to one person or the friend himself. 
  • Control your tone of voice (tone of voice) when you speak and when to laugh. 
  • Do not uproariously so invite the attention of others. 
  • Look for a seat in accordance with the table plan. If we take our spouse we invite couples to dance sitting down first chair for her. 
  • Well behaved (good behave). 
  • Dress formal. 

2. How to Sit

  • Chairs do not get too close to the dining table. 
  • Hands should not be folded on the table, but put on your lap. 
  • The position of the body straight and upright. 
  • Do not cross legs folded. 
  • When sitting, do not glance left and right. 
  • How to Use Napkin 
  • At the moment we sat down, the waiter will usually open napkin to us. If nothing is open, then we can open it yourself and then put it over our laps. 
  • Napkin only be used to clean the mouth or lips soiled with the right hand or both hands. 
  • Napkin should not be to clean sweat. 
4. How to Use Cutlery
  • Start with the outermost equipment then later into next equipment. 
  • Tools that are near napkin for main meals, to desserts (dessert) is typically placed on the side

5. How to Hold the knife
  • Knives should be straight, use the index as a suppressor of the blade, middle finger and thumb as the blade clamp. 
  • The position facing into the sloping fork, index finger as a suppressor, middle finger and thumb as a fork brace. 

6. How to Eat Bread
  • Take the bread using the right hand, then Tear off a small piece, take the butter using a butter knife, then apply on the bread that has been cut into earlier. 
  • If the butter served with the dishes, take the butter with a spoon. 
  • Bread can be eaten as a salad or soup. 
  • When the bread was gone do not ask again. 

7. How to Eat Salad or Soup
  • Usually, the soup was served with a bowl of soup (cup of soup), while the salad usually use a salad bowl or a plate of salad (salad plate), soup eaten with a spoon of soup (soup spoon), the left hand holding the handle soup cup. 
  • Salad eaten with a knife and fork (dessert knife and fork) with the right hand holding the knife, the finger pressing the upper side of the blade. 
  • If the soup is low, bowl of soup can be tilted to get it. Spoon bowl moving not raised. 
  • Eat soup from the edge of a spoon instead of the front. Try your hand rectangle and close to the body. When you have finished, place the spoon on the outside above the saucer. 
  • Bread should not put into the soup. 

8. How to Eat Main Dishes
  • The main meal is usually served after appetizers (appetizer) or soup. 
  • Equipment used for main meals depending on the type of food served or served. 
  • In general, Asian foods using spoon and dinner fork. 
  • Especially for foods made from pasta, dinner spoon used dinner fork on the left and the right. Usability, spoon and fork as a barrier rotator pasta. 

9. How to Eat Desserts
  • Dessert (dessert) is usually served after the main meal (main course). 
  • The desserts can be various kinds, among others: 
Cake: use a dessert fork
Pudding: use a tea spoon
Fruits: using dessert knife and fork
Ice cream: using ice cream spoon

10. How to Drink
  • Drinks are usually served before the food was served. Generally when dining, Americans drink water, but it does not apply to Europeans. 
  • Before drinking, wipe the mouth of the leftovers. 
  • Before drinking, make sure there is no food in the mouth. 
  • When drinking not eating anything. 

11. When Talk and When Interrupts Talks
  • Avoid being filled at the mouth of food. 
  • When talking with others, do not hand holding cutlery, Since polite and nice views. 
  • Pressure sound and tone of voice (tone of voice) do not be too hard. 
  • If you call someone, do not shout. 
  • Do not interrupt another person when that person is talking to someone else, you should wait until the person is finished speaking. 


Hotel as one of the business in the inn has many benefits embodied community. Not only the main facility inn itself but many other benefits that are offered, ranging from basic facilities, meeting facilities and business center facilities. So also with the existing facilities at the hotel Horison Purwokerto, including a number of other services offered. One is table manner course, which provides the knowledge and benefits of procedures and attitudes in our supper from how to sit up when the time to talk after dinner. So that we know and practice table manner, we know all the appropriate steps we did in the banquet dinner and avoid errors that may occur when the dinner took place.


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