Transportation Guide Jogja to Prambanan Temple

I interest to write about transportation guide to Prambanan because I and my friends ever visited the wonderful temple. In other hand, my friends also suggest my to write about how to guide foreign tourist to visit certain tourism place especially about transportation service experience. If we provide the information, it will be useful for foreign tourism who visit Indonesia. Now I will tell you how to leave for Borobudur temple from Yogyakarta or Jogja train station and Adi Sucipto international airport by public transportation.
from jogja airport to prambanan
Prambanan temple

Transportation from Tugu Train Station to Prambanan

Actually Jogja has to main train stations, Tugu and Lempuyangan train station. Commonly foreign tourism get down in Tugu (I saw a lot tourist there a few week ago). From this station you may get up Trans Jogja from Tugu to Prambanan bus station. Trans Jogja is a public bus tranportation which has modern ticketing system, you may the tiket on small Trans Jogja bus station near Tugu (the green one). You may also get up the green bus in the small station in Malioboro (shop center of Jogja). The bus rute is or name of bus is 1A (one A) you may look at the front mirror of the bus.

transportation jogja to prambanan temple
Trans Jogja (left) and the Bus Station (right)

In short the route of the medium size bus as follows

Tugu Station - Malioboro - Taman Pintar - Pakualaman - JEC (Jogja Expo Center) - Adi Sucipto Airport - Prambanan bus station.

The price ticket of Trans Jogja only IDR 3.600 (three thousand six hundred rupiah). The bus operate start on 05.30 a.m. up to 09.30. p.m. After you arrive in Prambanan bus station you may get down, then look at the west direction, you can the top of Prambanan tempel, so just walk across the road before the temple and go on to the temple. 

It so easy right leave for Prambanan from Tugu train station and it so cheap. Don't be afraid, Trans Jogja is official public transportation which establish by Jogja Govt. 

Transportation form Adi Sucipto Airport to Prambanan

As well as from train station, you may use Trans Jogja, the Trans Jogja bus station located near the airport just go out from the airport. Look for the the green one, but you have to across the road first because it is located on west side of the road. The bus go forward to the north not to the south. 

The rute is of Trans Jogja to Prambanan

- Bandara Adi Sucipto - Prambanan bus station

Just buy ticket first then get down on the Prambanan dan walk to the temple. This transportation guide provided to foreign tourist who want to visit the temple. If you any question you may leave a comment. 

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  1. After you visited Prambanan temple you may also visit Ijen Volcano and Crater in West Java. For transportation information you go to Surabaya, after that you may book Nusa Trans travel, as transportation service company which send you to Ijen from Gubeng Station or Juanda Airport


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