QUESTION Language Testing

Listening test
A.    (Beginner level) Organizing phonological and morphological element
1.      Test-taker hear:           she’s a teacher
Test-taker read:           (a) she’s a teacher
                                    (b) he’s a teacher

2.      Test-taker hear:           I want to go
Test-taker read:           (a) I want to go
                                    (b) I won’t to go

3.      Test-taker hear:           they studied English

Test-taker read:           (a) they study English
                                    (b) they studied English

4.      Test-taker hear:           I’ll be there at nine

Test-taker read:           (a) all be there at nine
                                    (b) I’ll be there at nine

5.      Test-taker hear:           it is paint

Test-taker read:           (a) it is pain
                                    (b) it is paint
B.  (beginner level) Paraphrase recognition
1.      Test-taker hear:           her name is Cristine, she is javanese

Test-taker read:           (a) Cristine like java
                                    (b) Cristine want to go java
                                    (c) Cristine from java
2.      Test-taker hear:           my father teacher in  elementary school
Test-taker read:           (a) my father from elementary school
                                    (b) my father a teacher in elementary school
                                    (c) my father a head master in elementary school

3.      Test-taker hear:           how long this table
Test-taker read:           (a) about one meter
                                    (b) about $1
                                    (c) yes, I do
4.      Test-taker hear:           how much did you read a book
Test-taker write:          _________________________
5.      Test-taker hear:           Angel: hello Bob, how are you today
Boby : hello, nice to meet you, what are you doing
Angel: I am reading a new book
Test-taker read:           (a) Angel and bob read a book
                                    (b) Angel buys a new book
                                    (c) Angel reads a new book
C.  (intermediate level) Communicative stimulus-response tasks
Test taker hear:
Direction: now you will hear conversation between Carly and her Mother. You will hear the conversation two times. After you hear the conversation the second time, choose the correct answer for question 1-5 below. Mark your answer on the answer sheer provided.
Calry:              Hi mom, what are doing in the kitchen?
Mother:           Hi Carly, I am cooking a cake
Carly:             may I help you
Mother:           of course, we will make Chocolate cake
Carly:              It sound good. I like chocolate
Mother:           help me to mix some eggs
Carly:              how many the eggs are
Mother:           only 3 eggs
Carly:              any other job mom
Mother:           absolutely, put a cake in the oven, after one hour take and store it in the cupboard
Test-taker read:
1.      What is Carly do?
(a)    Carly make a cake alone
(b)   Carly and her mother make a cake
(c)    Carly help her mother
2.      What is the cake being made?
(a)    Chocolate cake
(b)   Pancake
(c)    Eggs cake
3.      How many eggs which they need?
(a)    One egg
(b)   Two eggs
(c)    Three eggs
4.      Where they store the cake?
(a)    On the table
(b)   In the oven
(c)    In the cupboard
5.      How much time the cake is baked?
(a)    One hour
(b)   Two hour
(c)    Three hour

Reading test
A.    (Beginner level)
Underline the word which is same as the word on the left.
1.      Book               bug/buck/bun/book
2.      Today              today/Sunday/Friday/Tuesday
3.      Stop                 pot/stop/post/tap
4.      This                 these/those/this/dish
5.      Mow                know/mow/cow/mew
B.     (Beginner level)
Choose the correct answer below
1.      Today is Sunday. Tomorrow is . . .
a.       Wednesday                                   c. Monday
b.      Thursday                                       d. Tuesday
2.      Rio likes . . . football
a.       Play                                               c. Test
b.      Do                                                             d. Soccer
3.      Mr. Hasan is my aunt’s husband, so he is my . . .
a.       Uncle                                             c. Mother
b.      Grandfather                                  d. Grandmother
4.      I want to buy a pencil. I need some . . . to buy it.
a.       Check                                            c. Ticket
b.      Coin                                              d. Money
5.      My father is a . . . He can fly an airplane.
a.       Teacher                                          c. Engineer
b.      Pilot                                               d. Carpenter
C.     (Beginner level)
Choose the right answer, True or False
1.      The sun sets in the east                                   T / F
2.      Orange is kind of fruit                                                T / F
3.      I am a student                                                 T / F
4.      Eraser is used to drawing                                T / F
5.      Cow has three legs                                          T / F

Speaking test
A.    (Beginner level)
Choose the right answer
1.      To introduce yourself, you can say, except
a.       My name is . .                                c. May i introduce myself?
b.      I am . .                                           d. Hello . .
2.      To meet someone, you can say
a.       Hello . .                                         c. Sorry . .
b.      Excuse me . .                                 d. Bye . .
3.      To giving something, you can say
a.       This is yours                                  c. Give it to me
b.      May I help you?                            d. This is for you
4.      To say thank you, you can say
a.       My pleasure                                   c. Thank you
b.      Welcome                                       d. Sorry
5.      To ask for somebody’s pardon, you can say
a.       I’m sorry                                       c. Bye
b.      Hello                                             d. Thanks
B.     (Beginner level) Direct Response tasks
Test-taker hear:     1. Tell me about your family:
                              2. tell me that your hobby
                              3. tell me that your hometown
                              4. remind your friend when you was child
                              5. explain your pet

C.     (Intermediate level) picture-cued Task
Test-taker see:


Test-taker hear: amount of student are hearing the teacher’s story.
1.      [point the dog] how many dog are there?
2.      [point the computer] what’s this?
3.      [point the chair] this is a table?
4.      [point the table] what’s this?
5.      [point the wall] what’s this?

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