Understanding Your Brain Dominance (right brain or left brain)

Every human being has a tendency in some way, as well as whether it is more likely your brain right brain or left brain, here does not mean you will be a class of right brain or left brain only you will know where your brain is more dominant during this time whether on the right or left brain. As I described in my previous post does not mean one is better than the other but it takes balance and fairness between the two, so that our brains can work optimally. Here we are going to test to see where your brain is more dominant the truth.
A.    Finger position

To find your group the most convenient way is to use the test finger position. All you have to do is just hold your hands like in the picture and the result is:
1. If the position of your left thumb under, then you are a person with right brain dominance.
2. If your right thumb under, then you are a person with left-brain dominance.
You will now know the results of the above test, you should not feel discouraged if you are on the groups that you might not expect, which is required by the human brain is the equilibrium not domination of one part.
B.     Picture colored letters

In this test you are t of the letter but of the color, in all possible you will be fooled by the words that exist in the colored letters. (Yudiworld.com)
C.     The characteristics of right-brain group
Someone with the right brain tendencies will tend to behave like (yudiworld.com):
1. More by feel than on logic.
2. Creative, Imaginative, has the soul of high art, aesthetics, discipline and responsibility.
3. Like a random thing.
4. Type the flexible but difficult to guess.
5. Responded spontaneously.
6. Behavior that is considered problematic.
D. References


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